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"The number one SEO agency in Melbourne!" - You have probably seen a number of SEO agencies that are happy to proclaim that this sentence describes them. But we all know that not everyone can be the best. As experts in the industry, we decided to conduct a study that looks at the most popular SEO companies in Melbourne. We have checked their client rankings to find out who can back up statements like the one above, and who is all talk. We have excluded ourselves from the study for integrity and so that we can deliver unbiased results.

For transparency, you can read about our research method below to understand the information we looked at and how we came to our conclusion.

SEO - What Is It & Why Its Important

SEO stands for search engine optimisation. As the name suggests, it's all about optimising your website and your business for search engines. When your site has good SEO, it will have a prominent position in search engine results for keywords that are relevant to your brand. A website that performs well in search engine results is a must for any modern business, helping your customers to find you online. 93% of experiences online start with a search engine, so you don't want to miss out on all of that potential traffic that could come your way. If you need more to convince you that you should be investing in SEO, 70% of the links that people click on in search engine results are organic, not paid.

SEO involves a lot of different techniques to improve the visibility of a website and brand in search engine results. It's something that requires an ongoing effort to make sure the site keeps up with changes to search engine algorithms and consumer habits. SEO is one of the most valuable marketing investments that you can make, if not the most valuable. It's essential to make room for SEO in your digital marketing budget if you want to improve your brand recognition, presence, and reputation.


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    A summary of the client results we found for each agency:

    Research List of Agency Clients

    Research Method

    We followed a set process to determine which SEO agencies in Melbourne could really claim to be the best SEO agency. With more than a decade of experience in the local SEO industry, we applied knowledge and intuition to assess the key players in the market. The study began by selecting an initial five popular companies and then researching who their clients are.

    We chose four of each company's clients at random, ensuring that they fulfilled the following basic criteria:

    • They have been with the SEO company for at least 12 months

    • The client operates, at least in part, in Melbourne

    • The client is in a market in which SEO would be useful to them

    Upon selecting the four clients for each company, we analysed their website traffic and current rankings. In doing this, we aimed to answer a number of key questions to determine their performance. By asking a set of defined questions of each client, we could assess each of them equally and fairly. Having several clients per SEO company to analyse meant that we could get a broader picture of their performance, instead of relying on their success with just one client.

    The questions that we asked were:

    • Are they receiving an adequate amount of traffic from Google, compared to similar businesses?

    • Are they ranking well for the search terms that they should be ranking for?

    • Have the basic and necessary SEO tasks been completed?

    These three simple questions allowed us to compare each of the clients that we looked at, both with the other clients of the same company and with the clients that belonged to the other companies. It meant that each SEO company could be checked for consistency, which would reveal how much their services really made a difference in the quality of their clients' SEO.


    SEO is not about getting to #1 for every target keyword. Although this would be nice, its almost impossible, even for the best agency. SEO is about achieving consistent growth or maintenance, whilst giving a client a positive ROI.

    Whilst doing my research, I did not expect to see a company consistently achieving great rankings, however, I was surprised to see that 1 company did – Digital Eagles. I have no association with Digital Eagles, in fact, they are a competitor of mine. However, with all the negativity surrounding SEO companies, its worth giving credit where credit is due.

    As with any business relationship you are looking to develop, always speak to 2 or 3 different providers to get a proposal for your SEO service. Please contact us to see how we can help, and hopefully this study will also give you some insight on other SEO companies to speak with.

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