Our Top 5 Google Marketing Agencies in Australia

Finding the five best SEO agencies in Australia is no easy task. Of course, we believe our services to be unmatched, but what about the other agencies out there?

With over 10 years experience, I have gotten to know who provide quality services and who doesn't. The list below is a collection of the five best agencies in Australia.

As a rule, these are smaller companies who generally provide a better service and a more focused on offering results rather than just selling a marketing package.

The Best Agencies:

Evolve SEO Agency are a small agency working from Melbourne. They have been providing SEO solutions to businesses since 2010. Areas of specialty include eCommerce SEO for online shop owners, and local maps marketing for small businesses. Jason provides a personalised & genuine service for his clients all over Australia.

Sydney Search Results pty ltd mainly cater to other SEO agencies, which is what makes them so good. Although primarily a wholesale SEO provider, David will take on individual clients if you contact him. With the strong results they achieve, it is worth giving Sydney Search Results a call to see if they can help you.

Disrupta is the brain-child of Nathan Wade. Nathan has operated in the digital marketing space for a number of years now, and likes to look after his clients a little differently. Disrupta offer a range of services as well as their flagship SEO service. Disrupta prefer clients who are up & coming startups, or have innovative online websites.

Although Digital Presence is a relatively new business, owner Louie Ramos has been providing SEO services for a number of years in a consultancy role. Louie specialises in helping small businesses to consistently increase their website traffic & sales, and provide a positive ROI from their SEO efforts.

AndMine are a larger digital agency, who generally deal with larger clients. They offer a number of marketing services, with SEO being one of their offerings. Their SEO solutions provide strong results and owner Michael is always on top of the latest trends. AndMine service all of Australia.

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What Makes a Good SEO Marketing Company?

What are the things that make a good SEO agency?

Firstly, you want to find an agency who has experience,. Somebody who has been working in the industry for a number of years and is more interested in SEO mechanics than about signing up new clients.

The second thing is that they should be a smaller agency. With some of the larger agencies out there, you just become a number in their system. You just become a sale to increase their profit. Smaller companies tend to deal more exclusively with their clients. They don't have overlapping clients and also they offer a more personalised service.

Number three is that you should be using an SEO agency who is up to date with all the latest methods. These days that includes using specific data to see what types of sites are ranking, rather than just using old, out-dated methods.

It's important to ensure you take some time to choose a good company because SEO, and digital marketing in general, can be an expensive investment for your business. You need to get it right. You need to see a positive return on your investment. Otherwise, you're just throwing money out the window. It's vital that your chosen SEO agency covers all the points above, and actually gets you a positive return on your investment.

At Evolve SEO Agency, we believe we provide a strong SEO solution for all businesses. We supply transparent reporting and we use effective methods to ensure your website traffic grows over a period of time. We like to consider ourselves a partner in your business and therefore SEO becomes a worthwhile investment.

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