SEO for Medical Websites

Search engine optimisation can help medical websites find new clients. SEO makes your site more visible in search engines, which drives new web traffic while enhancing your reputation as a business. 

Evolve Digital Understands the Medical Niche!

Running a medical website means there will be dozens of complex terminology and medical jargon for people to understand.

You also have to be careful with what you say and put on your site, so as to avoid breaking any regulations put in place.

Working with an SEO agency like us is essential to make sure you meet all the regulations and have a website that appeals to your target audience. 

Why you Need a Search Marketing Campaign:

Digital Marketing, and specifically Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), is vital to running a profitable online business. Google is usually the starting point for people to find your service. If you aren’t listed in the top results of Google, you may as well be invisible.

SEO for medical websites can raise you to the top of a highly competitive industry.

Why Choose Evolve Digital Agency?

1 - Experience

Jason Boyd, Director of Evolve Digital Agency, has 10 years of experience in search engine & online marketing for clients and his own projects. At Evolve Digital Agency, we have achieved strong growth for a variety of businesses, in a variety of industries. Check our case studies to see why we are considered the best, and what we could achieve for you.

2 - Transparency

At Evolve Digital Agency, we believe that the most important ingredient in a long-term relationship with our clients is Trust. When working on your SEO campaign, we establish trust by being transparent with you. Our bi-monthly reports list all tasks we have completed as well as the results we have achieved for you.

3 - Data Driven

The Digital Strategy we employ for our clients is driven by the latest data science. Forget the outdated methods used by other SEO agencies, our search campaigns are driven by the latest Artificial Intelligence software and techniques. Google uses a futuristic machine learning algorithm, and now you can too!

4 - No Contracts

No Contracts! No Contracts! No Contracts! -- We never have and we never will!

We believe in offering a great service at a fair price. This ensures we don’t need to lock our clients into expensive long-term contracts that are difficult to get out of. Our month-by-month SEO packages offer great flexibility.

5 - Your Partner

We follow the age-old theory that its more expensive to find a new client than to keep your current clients. Therefore, we always go into a new client relationship with the idea that we are a marketing partner within your business. This ensures we are making the best decisions for you & your business!

As featured in the CEO Magazine:

“Generally, there is a rule that I wont look at large agencies. I want the person dealing with my account to be the expert, not purely focused on growth, but rather their ability to master SEO.”

Rory Boyle

Rory Boyle / Director - Hampers With Bite

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Grow Your Medical Business

Let Us Show You How We Can Help

Medical websites have many requirements that are different from lots of other industries. Therefore, SEO for medical websites is crucial as it covers the vital things that you need to be concerned with. Your clients are most likely going to be searching for different medical conditions or specific treatments. With our SEO expertise, we know to target long-tail keyword searches relating to all the different things your website has to offer. 

In turn, you will rank well for searches that look at any specific services or products you sell. This brings qualified leads straight into the palm of your hands, ready to convert. Of course, a big part of our SEO work revolves around creating landing pages for your site, which are designed to convert successfully. 

Evolve Digital will also focus on the key medical terms people might look for. If someone is seeking information on a particular condition or wants to lookup symptoms, we'll help you rank for these searches - provided they relate to any services you provide. This is another way of generating leads as you bring people with questions to your site, answer their questions, then provide access to solutions. The overall result is a site that draws in targeted web traffic, ranks very highly, and establishes itself above others in your industry.

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