The Best SEO Management Resources

When it comes to digital marketing and search engine optimisation, business leaders are increasingly relying on management platforms to optimise their websites. It is now even more crucial for those business owners that are starting to focus more on content marketing.

If you run a business, regardless of its size, it’s essential to use the right tools to rank your websites well. To that end, here is a guide to some of the best SEO management platforms of 2020 that you should consider as part of your search engine optimisation processes:

Google Analytics, Search Console and Ads

Virtually all SEO management platforms use data obtained from Google. Whether it’s to do with keyword research or website analytics data, there’s no denying that the data and information on ranking rules more often than not lead back to Google. With that in mind, it makes sense for business leaders to start by using three of Google’s products in their quest for SEO management.

Google Analytics allows digital marketers to gain a comprehensive insight into their website’s audience and their browsing behaviour. It’s a useful (and free) tool that lets you measure your Ads campaigns and its ROI, and enables you to track visitor behaviour and social media interaction.

Search Console is more of a webmaster tool but still relevant when it comes to digital marketing, albeit from a technical perspective. Search Console can give you an insight into your website’s Google search traffic and performance. Plus, it offers pointers on how you can improve certain aspects of your site’s SEO.

Google Ads (formerly AdWords) is a way to create and manage sponsored search engine listings and off-site marketing. Google Ads has a fantastic tool, the Keyword Planner, that helps you to determine which keywords work best for your content and are also the most relevant.


For owners of small to medium-sized businesses, SEMrush is a tool that delivers what they need to manage their brand’s SEO within a single platform effectively.

The SEMrush management dashboard is straightforward for even those new to search engine optimisation. As soon as you log into your dashboard, you immediately get presented with your Domain Analytics - a snapshot of how well organic and paid traffic sources are working for you.

SEMrush allows you to set up backlink auditing, brand monitoring, and can even integrate with your social media profiles to gain insight from those traffic sources too.


One thing business owners will notice about SpyFu is that it’s a tool with similar functionality to SEMrush. But, it’s also a tool geared towards professional digital marketers and not just people that own a business.

When you first log into your SpyFu account, you’ll notice that the user interface is slick and in some cases better organised compared to SEMrush and Google’s tools. SpyFu offers subscription plans to suit all needs and comes with a comprehensive set of domain and keyword tools in the same platform.


Google’s free (and “freemium”) tools are an excellent place to start for business leaders looking to invest more time and money into their digital marketing campaigns. But, they should also consider tools such as SEMrush and SpyFu to complement Google’s SEO management platforms.

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