What is Web Marketing?

A major goal that many small business owners strive for is to get the most from their ROI (return on investment). The more profit made after a financial investment, the more chance there is that the business will be able to thrive – and it could secure a level of success well into the future, too.

However, this isn’t always as easy as it sounds. Fortunately for those who want their business to grow, there is a solution; web marketing. Here at Evolve Digital, we understand just how effective web marketing can be for a small business, which is why we offer our expertise in the subject to clients across the country.

But what is web marketing, and how can it be used to help you to become as successful as you envision?

Web marketing for beginners

For those who are just starting out or are hoping to increase productivity and reach a more rewarding audience, web marketing is the process where one makes use of the internet to promote a business. Whether this is achieved through search engines, online ads, email, videos, or any form of social media (from blogging to using Facebook), most businesses can benefit from marketing online.

In the past, most found that the traditional methods of advertisement, like TV ads and flyers, were the most effective mediums. While they do still have their benefits today, most businesses of the modern era turn to web marketing to grab the attention of individuals that may be interested in their goods or services.

Although it’s not always easy, most find that using the web to reach more (or better targeted) potential customers is well worth the effort or investment.

Why might your business need web marketing?

When it comes to taking the next step in promoting your company, most find that web marketing is the way to go – and with a knowledgeable agency behind you, moving forward is both simple and effective. However, you may be wondering if advertising online is necessary.

Reaching more people

The main benefit of using the web for marketing is that you’ll have the ability to advertise your business to potential customers or clients around the globe – which is something that traditional marketing methods can’t usually do.

Without the limits associated with physical promotional materials, you’ll be able to connect with individuals no matter where they are; and often in a way that suits their preferences.

Working alongside your current advertising strategies

In most cases, web marketing can be used to complement the advertising methods that you’re already using to promote your business – so you won’t have to discard your most effective strategies in favour of something that you’re unsure about.

However, it’s worth mentioning that over time, most companies choose to invest more of their resources into online marketing than other methods, mainly because they find it to be such a great way to promote their business.

Connecting with your customers/clients

Most business owners out there would agree that, when trying to make something of their company, being known as reliable and trustworthy is crucial to getting more customers and/or clients. Often, web marketing can be used to promote a sense of reliability; giving your business an even higher chance of attracting more buyers.

Benefits of web marketing

There are a whole host of reasons why so many business owners are choosing to market their company online and taking the time to learn more can be a wise idea for those who want to see their business flourish.

Measurable and easy to determine ROI

One of the main benefits of marketing online is that it can often allow you to see where you generate the most leads – and what’s not working for you.

Having the ability to easily see what is and isn’t benefitting a business certainly isn’t something to overlook, since it could help you to save time, money and effort (whilst getting the best results). With this in mind, it’s not hard to see why web marketing has become so popular over the years.


Creating a billboard ad isn’t usually cheap – and unfortunately for those who invest their time and money into this form of marketing, it isn’t very flexible. For example, if you wanted to add or update information, the only way to do so would mean starting all over again; potentially raising the costs of the endeavour even further.

If you are looking for a little bit more flexibility for your company, you may want to consider taking advantage of web marketing instead. There’s a good chance that, when advertising online, you’ll have the power to change anything you want with much less hassle – and sometimes, with minimal additional expense and little to no effort.

Targeting a specific audience

While web marketing can often allow a business to reach anyone around the world, there are times where you might only need to spark an interest in a certain audience. Luckily, web marketing can also give you the option to find those who are more likely to hire your services or buy your products.

Typically, web marketing can be used to make a business’ ads pop up on websites that their target audience is more likely to visit, or even set them to show up depending on the location, age and more of the most appropriate viewers.

A more affordable option

More often than not, marketing can work out to be quite an expense – and not all businesses have the opportunity to dedicate a large amount of cash to start promoting their goods and services.

If you’re looking for a more cost-effective method of reaching out to new customers and clients, you’ll be glad to hear that web marketing tends to be far less expensive than traditional advertising methods.

The different types of web marketing

Just as there are quite a few different forms of traditional marketing, like advertising on a billboard or handing out flyers, there are a number of ways that you could promote your company on the internet too.

Often, this gives business owners the chance to reach as many potential clients and customers as possible – but you may not know where to start. Some of your options include:

Google Ads

If you want to get more traffic to your website, you might want to consider using Google Ads to put your business higher up on the search results. More than 2 million searches are made on Google each second – and you’ll have a higher chance of being noticed if your company is one of the first results a person sees.

While it is possible to reach a higher spot through other methods, one of the quickest ways to get noticed by potential clients and customers is to pay Google to put your ad above the competition.


While you could use Google Ads to reach the top of the results on Google, many business owners these days are taking advantage of keywords and links to rank. Search engine optimisation, also known as SEO, is a process that could help to make your business more relevant to certain searches, giving you the chance to reach your target audience without having to pay to advertise your business.

Content marketing

Most businesses can benefit from having fresh content on their websites. A frequently updated blog for example, could make a world of difference – with businesses that post often seeing 4 times the amount of traffic than those that don’t.

This is often because individuals use the internet to find information fast. Those who have the best answers to specific questions asked are deemed to be more relevant – and therefore are ranked higher by Google.

Email marketing

One of the most popular methods of web marketing is emailing potential customers and clients about what you have to offer. Almost everyone uses emails to communicate these days, which is why email marketing has become such a popular method of advertising and promotion.

In addition, this form of web marketing is inexpensive and can be highly effective, with each dollar invested in email marketing generating much more in return on investment.

Social media marketing

There’s no denying that one of the best ways to find new customers and clients is to make use of social media. With so many different platforms and countless people using them every day, it’s not hard to see why social media marketing can be such a great idea for businesses that want to become more successful.

Plus, it’s one of the easiest and most inexpensive methods of web marketing, too – perfect for those who are just starting out with advertising online. From Facebook to Twitter, having a profile for your company and advertising your products and services to the world can often make a difference.


Did you know that almost 50% of consumers visit a website 2 to 4 times before they make a purchase? While this isn’t a rule, most people don’t buy anything on their first visit, so how can you make sure that they come back? One of the best methods is retargeting.

Retargeting works by trying to bring a potential customer or client back to your website, which is crucial for those who want to re-engage with individuals who didn’t make a purchase during their previous visits. Maintaining a sales funnel can be especially important when considering drawing customers back.

How to begin web marketing for your business

Countless companies have benefitted from the use of web marketing – and whatever form you decide to use to promote your business, you’ll need to start somewhere. Many find that getting the help of an expert (or experts), is one of the best solutions.

Alternatively, here are a few tips that could help you to make the most of web marketing for your company.

Choose your approach

Before you begin to invest time, money and effort into anything, it’s often a good idea to decide how you want to go about the marketing process. Do you think that SEO is the best way to rank higher on Google? Or that reaching your target audience through social media is more important?

Set yourself a goal

In general, to move forward, you need to know what you want to achieve – and this rule often applies to using web marketing to promote a business. From reaching a target number of followers on social media, to increasing your website’s traffic; figure out what you want to achieve from promoting your company online before you invest in specific methods.

Keep in mind is that it’s not usually a good idea to set your expectations too high or low when trying to promote your company.

Understand the customer

If you’re a business trying to get the attention of a potential client or customer, you’ll need to know what they want in order to bring them to your company. Addressing their needs is one of the most important things you can do in your web marketing strategy, so make sure you know what they’re looking for and tell them why your business is what they’ve been looking for.

Understand what you have to offer

Much like knowing what your customers and/or clients want, knowing what you have to offer and explaining this to those individuals is also crucial to web marketing and bringing more traffic to your website. Make sure to be consistent and to keep on track with your brand; the more do this, the more recognisable you are likely to be to your audience.

Stay organised and commit to promoting your business online

In general, managing your company’s promotion on the web is key to being successful – but if you can’t dedicate yourself to web marketing, it may not be as effective as you had hoped. If you can’t commit to your chosen campaign, you might want to consider hiring the help of a professional agency to help you instead.

Keep track of your results

Finally, measuring your progress is crucial. This way, you’ll be able to see if you meet your goals – and if not, you might be able to see what you can change to make your online marketing strategy more effective.